Short Resume


Solo Shows

(2011) “When Happiness Enters our Lives” (2010) “Fela: The Man-The Artist”

(2010) “Love, Happiness and Harmony” (2006) “Saving Grace: Families Rebuilding Their

Lives After Hurricane Katrina”


Group Shows

(1999-2012) “Rebirth” (2012) “Heritage” (2012) “Neekid Blk Gurls”

(2011) “The Arts Outdoors” (2011) “Harlem Views and Diasporan Visions”

(2009) “Artist’s Choice” (2008) “Celebration of Life Photography Contest”


Awards and Distinctions

2012 “Changing Lenses: The Art of Photography The Saging Baby Boomer Show

and their Changing Perspective

as they Mature” 

2012 “When Happiness Enters our Lives” Taboo Talk (Blogtalkradio)


2011   Fela Vinyl Box Set 1     Knitting Factory Records

2008  Celebration of Life        Celebration of Life

Photography Contest              Photography Contest

“Angles on the Beach”

Honorable Mention




Network Journal (2011) (Harlem Views and Visions, 2011)

Daily Challenge (2011) (Harlem Views and Diasporian Visions, 2011)

Amsterdam News (2011) (Harlem through Apertures, 2011) (2011) (?uestlove Curates Fela Kuti Vinyl Box, 2011)

ArtSlant (2010) (Fela: The Man-The Artist, 2010)

HASAN MCLENDON’S Blog (2010) (The Dimension of Photographer “Howard T. Cash,”2010)

Schiffer Press (2009) (100 New York Photographers 2009)



2012            Black Art in America

2012            Instagram: One Picture per Day

2011            New Harlem Renaissance Photographers

Harlem, New York

2011             LETTING GO …LOVE THYSELF

2011             African American Art Retreat

2011            Photographers of Color