Jubilation: The Party

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Photo Date: 1983

Photo Location: Akure, Nigeria

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Jubilation: The Party

(Back Story)

In 1983, I was on assignment in Akure, Nigeria covering a traditional leader receiving an award from Dr. Thomas Adeoye Lambo, former Deputy Director General of the World Health Organization. This ceremony was grand, the day had ended and the night had settled in with a rousing celebration. It was time to party and enjoy some of Nigerian’s traditional food: eba, pounded yam, egusi soup; stewed chicken and goat were being served, along with cold beer and palm wine. It had been a long day!

There is something special about a talking drum; its funky sounding beats invite excitement, dancing and happiness. The air was festive. The rhythm resonated soulfully with the well-dressed guests and then all of a sudden, a woman jumps from her seat, stretches her arms towards the heavens and gestures jubilantly towards the sky. I was on it, shooting her in harmony; feeling the beats and knowing the pounding rhythms demanded spontaneity; blessed opportunities to release the joyful spirit breathing inside our souls.

I chose this image to celebrate the glorious spirit living in all of our lives. Family, immediate or extended, is one of the most valuable assets of our existence. As the holidays approach and we gather around our loved ones let’s enjoy these precious moments of togetherness, celebrate their presence and dance in the spirit of love…all night long!


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