Katrina Destruction


“As the catastrophic events of Hurricane Katrina unfurled on the days following August 29, 2005, like many others I sat glued to my television set. Tragic human neglect bombarded my tearful eyes with disdain for the Federal Government’s incompetence. I was lost in sorrow and filled with sympathy for the families living along the Gulf Coast,” Cash says. “I was asking myself, ‘how could it take so long for the government to get help to these residents? Are they not watching the same news coverage as the rest of the world and I? It was obvious they needed rescuing along with basic necessities like food and water because they had just lost everything!’”
I watched Stephon Marbury of the New York Knicks donate $500,000 towards the victims in a cloud of tears. Like many others, I took clothes to a waiting tractor-trailer trucks heading south towards the affected areas. I later learned of the appreciation at the Shape Center in Houston, Texas and from the grass-roots organization, Saving Our Self in Mobile, Alabama; applauding New Yorkers for our swift kindness and generosity. However, I needed to do more! Striking images of the tremendous water, wind and property damage done to neighborhoods and communities, homes, trees, casinos and hotels in Biloxi, MI and New Orleans, LA; especially the particularly hard hit ninth ward is where the story begins.