Amazing Women

On a daily basis, I praise the power, creativity, beauty and strength of all African/Black women. To my amazement, I’ve watched these women do so much with so little. Nothing stops them from taking care of their men and their children. They are the glue that hold  families together, a vital responsibility that carries collective pride. With all the changing roles of women today, I applaud the ones who “don’t get it twisted”. These women realize the importance of maintaining nurturing and supportive relationships with their African/Black men by incorporating skills, resources, education and experiences into their relationships. This connection celebrates their union and keeps their families strong. African/Black women realize the special gifts God has given them, blessings of contributing to the lives of their families and communities in powerful, victorious and balanced ways. African/Black men need their women now, more than ever to help them compete in today’s world.  These families must be about the business of achievement, collective growth, development, and teamwork leading to self-realization, its own unique form of freedom.