Family Reunion Along the Hudson River

In 2018, it was a good time, a wonderful time for a family get together on a Circle Line Cruise Ship off the 42nd Street Pier in Manhattan, New York. Phyllis called me from Los Angeles in January to say their family had chosen New York for their family reunion and asked if I would take their group photograph? I said, “Sure, if you’ll let me photograph you and your family riding along the Hudson River.”

Now let me give you some background on Phyllis. She is my long time, sweet, dear and beautiful friend who lives in Los Angeles; a vocal teacher and gifted song stylist, who for several years, when Marilyn McCoo departed from the group, sang with The 5th Dimension, now led by its original member, Florence LaRue.

As usual I’m early, waiting for her family to arrive; giving me some time to chill peacefully on a wooden bench by the fence, eat an ice cream cone and quietly reflect on my life; telling myself when I get the opportunity, I will move into a city by the water. Before I knew, it her wonderfully large family was in full force, standing on the dock, so I posed them against New York’s incredibly powerful skyline.

On this hot bright summer afternoon a trip along the breezy Hudson River was the perfect fit for this time of the day. As everyone settled into their seats, the warm summer breeze off the Hudson took over and the blaring heat was no longer a menacing factor. The serenity of the upper deck revealed their playful family feelings and the loving photographs I needed to express their warm relationships.

As the ship returned to dock the tour guide received a resounding applause and a wave of tips. However, when he failed to mention to an audience, primarily full of tourists, that after Times Square, Harlem is the most visited place in New York, I knew he was a propagandist. After everyone had departed (because I didn’t want to mess with his money) I called him out and this was his reply, “I tell them what the company tells me to say.” Meaning be careful where you’re getting your information and watch who’s teaching your children. Mis-educational racism exists in too many portholes of American life and as Biggie Smalls would say. “If you don’t know, now you know!”

All in all it was a wonderful day, with a wonderful family, for a memorable ride along the Hudson.

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Blessings to everyone and STAY SAFE!


Written and copyright by Howard T. Cash, March 29, 2020