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It was different
this time! I had to rely upon my wonderful collectors to photograph the acquisitions
enhancing their homes due to social distancing regulations, preventing our (Doug
and myself) visitation because of the world-wide pandemic, presented by the
Corona virus. But before I go any further, I offer my sincere condolences to families
who have lost love ones to Covid-19. The carnage from this crisis is a obvious blatant
example of poor leadership, preparation, denial and the racist policies living within
our health care system.

We now wear
gloves and face masks, wash our hands in warm soapy water for twenty minutes; wipe
down the packing which contains our food, with diluted bleach;  maintaining a cautious distance of 6 feet from
our neighbors. Life as we know it has changed dramatically! However this virus presents
everyone in this quarantine style living, an opportunity to begin some of the
things they have been putting off, wanting to get going or have been looking
forward to accomplishing for a long time.

Painting, drawing,
writing and reading; meditating, working out, learning an instrument, yoga, dancing,
singing; gardening, researching, dancing and practicing your stand-up comedy
act; collecting photography, working out, spending quality time with family
members and trying out new sexual positions with your partner (many children
will be conceived during this period). Viewing on-line viral museums and art
galleries, reaching out to old friends and fixing things, etc., can be fun and extremely

The cruise
ship of these internal journeys allows, setting your sails; seeing yourself in
a different light; realizing your new and varying power, because time is now a
wonderful ally for achievement; allowing gifted revelations to enhance your
life and enrich your soul. And when this disciplined experience ends, and it
will, because in the words of an old Ghanaian proverb, “No condition is
permanent,” you will emerge illustrious, stronger and smarter; more powerful by
participating in this porthole of life you’ve been waiting to enter for so long,
which also has been waiting for you!

Once again,
I thank Douglas Pierce for his outstanding photo-shop skills, Edgar Torres’s splendid
design talents in laying out this page; Corrine Basabe for putting together my introductory
video and Matthew Dell for bringing this entire website together.

I dedicate
my photographic journey to all my encouraging teachers, mentors, colleagues and
collectors; friends, family and to my beloved mother, Mrs. Jane U. Cash my best
girl, who passed away in 2017.

Blessings to everyone and STAY SAFE!

Written and copyright by Howard T. Cash April 9, 2020