Light, Love and Happiness

                                                                                                                                                                               August 31, 2020

Light, love and happiness live in my photographic world of Visual Wellness. As I speak of light, it’s not the light which allows the image to register on film but the light which glows inside the spirit of us all. Our eyes, the expressions on our faces and body language speak volumes to our feelings, hopes and dreams centered around the interests and activities we love; giving our days meaning, hope and happiness. This light can be found in every human being on the planet regardless of race, color or religion.

As you view my site, you’ll feel the glow of pride, respect, dignity, beauty and power dancing in the humanity of Africans and African-Americans; beautiful traits, ever present as they unite and transform our lives with radiant light, love and happiness; un-guarded moments requiring patience, as they allow me, on their behalf, to speak with you and the world.  

So, sit back, grab a refreshing beverage and let’s go on a visual vacation, selecting the images which will transform the walls in your home, office or summer home into the light, love and happiness your spirit deserves. I find myself embodying the wisdom of Dr. Bertice Berry, “The light that we carry within us is the light of the world.”