Collector’s Testimonials

The photographic, photo-shop and layout skills, spear headed by Mr. Douglas Pierce were a major contribution to the completion of this project. I also thank Mr. Christian Linsey for his touch ups and tweaksAs an African-American photographer/artist, with over 35 years of experience, I capture these images of humanity for the sheer purposes of celebration-hoping they will make the world smaller…less isolated with fear, hatred, racism and ignorance. Living above racist opinions and self-hatred lays the opportunity to bridge cultures, embrace generations with real understanding and form meaningful relationships with people…different from yourselves-making hope the brighter side of a four letter word.Many of the collectors on this page are multiple collectors of my work. They have embraced my journeys of self-determination, supporting my expressions of the African Diaspora-leaving me plenty of room to explore greater images of humanity for the future. I tip my hat to these fabulous collectors. They crossed the bridge of visual understanding-gaining a greater understanding of the power living within themselves-creating a deeper, more meaningful conversation between us, their families, friends and history. Howard T. Cash