Cash Fine Art Publishers LLC (CFAP) is a family owned company, dedicated to marketing and selling the fine art and documentary photography of Howard T. Cash.

With 47 years of experience in the world of photography; celebration, beauty, dignity and power portray the visual sensibilities of African-American, Harlem born artist. Africa and the African Diaspora are his playgrounds; He says, “My photographic energy focuses on the faces of our beautiful Black people as I capture their fun, interests and activities immersed into the treasure chests moments of their lives. There you’ll find timeless expressions quickly becoming priceless memories of art.”

His freelancing sojourn into Nigeria from 1979-’84 characterizes the uniqueness of his imagery. A former photo-journalist who has worked with local Nigerian media outlets while stringing for the Associated Press began his international career in the multi-ethnic city of Lagos. His powerful visual expressions have set the stage for decades of timeless art within the African Diaspora, including coverage of the post dramatic events surrounding Hurricane Katrina (2005-’06).

Mr. Cash’s work has graced the walls of numerous art galleries, museums, private homes and lavish offices; appeared in newspapers, magazines, books, documentary films; on album covers, record jackets and (after Covid-19) is scheduled for a soon to be Harlem cooking show produced by celebrity Ethiopian Swedish chef, Marcus Samuelsson.

Purchased by hundreds of collectors, his work has achieved inclusion into the Permanent Prints Collection of New York’s Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, and the Novartis Corporate Collection. His ‘visual wellness’ photography hangs in the Beth Abraham Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing. 

Mr. Cash says, “As an artist I have a conversation in threes: first with myself, next with my audience and finally with history.”