Cash Fine Art Publishers LLC (CFAP) is a family owned company, dedicated to marketing and selling the fine art and documentary photography of Howard T. Cash. Mr. Cash is very pleased to welcome several of his former students from the Bronx High School for the Visual Arts to Cash Fine Art Publishers. Their learning experience will have them wearing many hats, including handling sales accounts, organizing exhibitions, marketing and selling company products. These motivated, young associates will demonstrate their artistic skills by creating their own exciting photographs, soon to be available for purchase on a new and upcoming web site.

  • Cash Fine Art Publishers are the sole representatives for the work of Howard T. Cash. No photographs, nor any portion of this web site may be reproduced without the written permission of Cash Fine Art Publishers. All Rights Reserved.
  • Mr. Cash’s name appears in the corner of each photograph below the image. Cash Fine Art Publishers have combined his creative eye with quality printing and outstanding service. We pride ourselves on providing good customer relations to all our valued collectors, new and long term. We offer a variety of sizes, from 5”x 7” to 40”x 60” mural size prints. These superb quality prints are made expressly by Mr. Cash or with his direct approval. He works with some of the best printers and finest professional labs in the business. You will notice our prices for photographic color and inkjet prints are the same. Our resources allow us to give you a choice with savings.
  • For the traditional collector, exquisite Fuji Crystal Archival Prints are an excellent choice for adding value to your home, office or as a special gift for a loved one.
  • Without a doubt, giving the gift of art makes a lasting impression and Fuji Crystal Archival Digital Prints are the right choice when you want all your photographs to be both impeccable and uniform.
  • For those of you who want high quality, digital inkjet prints, Mr. Cash’s beautiful images, printed by a master printer on Epson UltraChrome K3 pigment-based ink technology will brightened up any room in your home or office.
  • The way to go for the classic collector is our brilliant fiber-based gelatin silver prints. They will transport you back to the elegance and beauty of timeless black and white imagery. Even with the shortage of traditional black and white materials, Mr. Cash and his team of master printers are still turning out splendid prints with Ilford fiber-based paper and fiber-based digital paper.
  • Please remember, this is custom fine art printing – prints that reflect the vision of the artist and the flavor of the captured moment.
  • We at Cash Fine Art Publishers, reserve the right to match the selected image/images, with of course, agreed discussion of the process that will achieve the best possible photographic and artistic results.
  • For images larger than 16” X 20”, Mr. Cash will print his black and white photographs on Ilford fine art digital paper.
  • He will print his color on Fuji Crystal Archival digital paper. He normally prints on high gloss paper. The digital industry is always introducing new paper products as it discontinues older models.
  • Open edition print sizes are approximate estimations, cropped on standard size paper for the best results.
  • These wonderful archival prints are prepared for long life and great pleasure, One hundred years plus of stability, mounted on acid-free, mat boards, accompanied by an acid-free backing board and signed in the lower right hand corner, below the image (or stamped if Mr. Cash is out of town on assignment) for authentic investment references.
  • Do not mount or hang color photographs in direct sun! This will cause fading due to the ultra-violet radiation of the sun’s rays.
  • Temperature, water, humidity, gases and pollutants can have an adverse affect on the longevity of your photographs.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice. New York State sales tax, shipping and handling will be added to your order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.
  • Rush delivery orders are available. All sales are final.


We are looking forward to providing you with outstanding art that touches your heart, enriches your soul and celebrates your life.


Thank you very much!